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User FAQ

This is a frequently asked questions document intended for new Meet users. Developers can visit our Github repos for code and details on specific projects. Everyone should go to our Community Forum for questions that are not covered here.

General questions

§ What is Meet?

Meet is a set of open-source projects that allows you to easily build and deploy secure video conferencing solutions. We are best known for our Meet video conferencing platform, meet.saza.vn where we host a Meet instance that the community can use for totally free video conferences (check the Download page).

§ How can I use Meet for Video conferencing?

The easiest way is to go to meet.saza.vn or download one of the mobile apps (Android or iOS).

If you prefer, you can also setup your own Meet instance or embed a meet.saza.vn room into your own website. See the FAQs below for more information on those options.

§ Is Meet free?

Yes. Meet is 100% open source and freely available to use and develop with. We also host and run meet.saza.vn as a free service.

§ What are major Meet projects?