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Meet Features
work in progress. some features may be missing.

Last updated on December 18, 2020

Meet is under active development and the following list of features will probably evolve rapidly so make sure you come back here every on now and then ... or simply click on the

Supported Browser/Flatforms



iOS (iPhones, iPads)




Spot TV

Remote Control


- yes
- no
- work in progress
- not planned due to EOL




Auto-view the active speaker or click on any attendee to see their video

Text chatting

Lock a room with a password

Screen sharing (Apps on Android only, iOS comming soon)

Streaming a conference to YouTube live (limited sessions)

Shared text document based on Etherpad

Raise/Lower your hand for attention

Participant talk-time statistics


Integration in other apps / websites

Push-to-talk mode

Dial-out to a telephone participant (limited international call out)

Play a YouTube video to all attendees call

Telephone dial-in to a conference (unlimited international call in)






Google Calendar sync

Video Conferencing

Detect Spot TVs

Support ZOOM meeting


  • Encrypted password storage
  • Password protection with a master password
  • Encrypted Instant Messaging with Off-the-Record Messaging (OTRv4)
  • Chat authentication with the Socialist Millionaire Protocol over OTR
  • Call encryption with SRTP and ZRTP for XMPP and SIP
  • Call encryption with SRTP and SDES for XMPP and SIP
  • DNSSEC support

TLS support and certificate-based client authentication for SIP and XMPP


  • Audio: Opus, SILK, Speex, G.722, PCMU/PCMA (G.711), iLBC, GSM, G.729 Annex C (requires compilation and licenses)
  • Video: H.264, H.263-1998 / H.263+, VP8 (VP9 coming soon…)


  • IPv6 fully supported by SIP and XMPP
  • Conference history
  • Calendar notifications
  • Etherpad can export to word, html, txt...
  • Drag and drop support for file transfer
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar
  • Presence Integration with Google Calendar: make video conference, start meeting and see your contacts.
  • Support for LDAP directories
  • Support for Google Contacts
  • Support integrated Single Sign On (Enterprise deployment)
  • Cross protocol conference calls: call your contacts over different accounts and protocols and join them in a single conference call.
  • SIP specific

    • On-line contact list storage with XCAP
    • Secure signalling with TLS
    • DTMF (SIP INFO, RTP RFC 2833/4733, inband)
    • Message Waiting Indication (RFC 3842)
    • Certificate-based client authentication

    XMPP Specific

    • DTMF (RTP RFC 2833/4733, inband)
    • Correcting previously sent messages (XEP-0308 Last Message Correction)
    • Certificate-based client authentication
    • Support JWT implementation to provide security for web conferencing


    • Browers: Chrome, FireFox on Desktop only
    • Desktops: Windows 7,10 - MacOS version 10.08 - newest
    • Apps: Android versions 7 - newest, iOS version 8 - newest
    • Contact support: admin@saza.vn or ZALO - 0943079386