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Meet News


Yes! Meet is now available for Android and iOS!!! Join your Meet Meetings from your phone!


The desktop application for displaying a Spot-TV in an iframe It has additional functionality on top of what the spot-client can provide.


Desktop application for Meet built with Electron. Screenshot


App will open Meeting videos in pop-out windows screen to help users manage their conference, and simple allows you to schedule the meetings.


Checkout the new YouTube Live Streaming support on meet.saza.vn and invite unlimited numbers of viewers to your conferences.


Platform for virtual meetups and virtual networking app.saza.vn should make you happy then!


Want to share YouTube videos and watch them together with friends? Try the new meet.saza.vn!


Interested in what video routers (SFUs) bring to your table? Check out presentation

Temasys contributes Safari/IE plugin to meet.saza.vn


Following a contribution from Temasys, it is now possible to join meet.saza.vn conferences through Safari and IE.

Switching to the Apache License


We are happy to announce that all projects in the Meet community are switching to the Apache License! Enjoy! :)

Firefox multistream and renegotiation for Meet


After a few months of hard work by Mozilla and Meet developers, both Firefox and Meet have added the missing pieces and can now work together! In this Mozilla Hacks post we'll tell you more about the nitty-gritty details of our collaborative adventure.

The new FREE Video Conference site, meet.saza.vn, representing development of version 1.0, is now open and available to the public. We hope to be able to build and keep a strong and productive community, creating new and original plugins for the communicator, so don’t hesitate to send us your comments!